Intermediate Japanese Lesson For Business level
Date 2nd of November - 17th of March 2022 Tuesday and Thursday
(A total of 36 lessons)
Normal lessons (10 times)+Online lessons (26 times)
Time 19:00-21:00
Venue Japan International Institute of Cybernetics bldg. 4
Capacity 15 people (Entry qualifications required.)
Textbooks 「中級レベルロールプレイで学ぶビジネス日本語」 (\1,870)
(need to be purchased)
Tuition Fees Free lessons for member of Matsudo International Exchange
Association.(\1000 for non member)
Enrollment/Contact Japan International Institute of Cybernetics

5th Floor, Keiyo Gas F 2nd Bldg, 7-8, Konemoto, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture 271-0073, JAPAN
TEL: 047-366-7310(dial in)
FAX: 047-308-6789

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