To those who want to study Japanese language !

MIEA provides a basic course of Japanese language for foreigners and introduces Japanese language courses operated by those other than MIEA upon request. If you want to show the progress you have made in the Japanese language, why don't you participate in the speech contest to speak about something such as your home country and what you have found interesting in Japan?

The best way to know more about Japanese and its culture !

The best way to know more about Japanese and its culture is to participate in various MIEA events such as a festival, a party, one day trip, etc. enjoyed together with Japanese people. You will learn positive and interesting things about Japan through active participation in these events.

Those who want to have friends from various countries !

You have a great opportunity to meet friends from many countries all over the world through MIEA events such as cooking classes and cultural salons. Make friends with and relax in the acquaintance of people from your own country and fellow foreigners at these events.

Those who want to introduce things about your country !

MIEA has the system of the " Matsudo International Cultural Ambassador". If you are appointed as ambassador, you have opportunities to introduce things of your country through school sessions and other lecture events. Such an introduction may be requested of you prior to your appointment. MIEA and its members are eager to know things about your country which are not familiar to them yet.

Member's Privileges

  • Every other month, you will receive "MIEA Station" a newsletter full of event information and news concerning MIEA.
  • You are entitled to participate in the events sponsored by MIEA.
  • MIEA also positively supports autonomous international exchange activities carried out by its members.

Membership Fee

  • You are requested to pay your annual member's fee of the classified amount shown in right-hand side as a member of MIEA after you fill in the application sheet. You are registered as a member upon payment.
  • If you want to be an interpreter or translator, you are requested to fill in the corresponding sheet in addition to the application sheet.
Annual Membership Fee
Foreigner (individual) 1,000yen
Japanese Individual 3,000yen
Student 1,000yen
Family 5,000yen
Group 5,000yen
Corporation 10,000yen

The annual fee is on a fiscal basis;
starting in April until the following March.

Application Procedures

  • Download an application form from here,
  • Fill out the form and send us by Fax (047-308-6789) or E-mail ( Mail ),
  • Transfer your membership fee to the following account,
    Bank name: 千葉銀行 (Chiba Ginko)
    Branch name: 松戸市役所出張所 (Matsudo Shiyakusyo Syucchojo)
    Account number: 2029597
    Holder of the account: 公益財団法人松戸市国際交流協会 (Koueki Zaidanhojin Matsudoshi Kokusai Koryu Kyokai)
    *We also have a bank transfer form for membership fee payment. If you need it , please request us.
  • As soon as we confirm your payment, we send you our news letter (MIEA STATION).


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