Basic Japanese Language Class

Face-to-face Japanese classes will start from 10 October as the state of emergency has been lifted from 1 Oct.

Class Schedule 2021 fiscal year

Open to: MIEA members born on April 1, 2006 or earlier who are 15 years or older

Class fee:1000 yen per term
・Requirement: Members* of Matsudo International Exchange Association who were born on April 1st, 2006 or before. Not open to junior high school students.
(*Membership fee: 1000 yen for FY 2021 is required.)

Registration: Please call or visit the MIEA office. (First come first served, English is OK .)

・You may only attend one class per week.
・Online Lessons are only for students who do not have face-to-face lessons
・The number of the attendance will be restricted to avoid the risk of the COVID-19 infection. (12-20 people/class)

Inquiry & Application
Matsudo International Exchange Association
Office hour: Mon.-Fri. 9:00-16:30 (Weekdays) Close on all national holidays
Phone: 047-366-7310
E-mail: Mail
Address: 5th Floor, Keiyo Gas Matsudo 2ne Bldg., 7-8 Konemoto, Matsudo
5 min.-walk from Matsudo Station (JR/Shin Keisei Line)

Class Schedule
(2021 April-2022 March)

Classroom Map

  • -Kanji class opens to students who have proficiency beyond C class in Primary I.
  • -“Pre-intermediate” can be taken who completed Primaryor 『Weekly J』 or the same level.
  • Classrooms
    • Kokusai Yuko Room
      4F Matsudo Bldg., 1307-1 Matsudo (5-min.-walk from Matsudo Sta. West exit, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank and Docomo shop on the 1F “Hello Work” is on the 3rd floor of the same building.)
The classes at Akira Shimin Center will move to Kokusai Yuko Room from September, 2021. All the classes will be held at Kokusai Yuko Room.
Place Kokusai Yuko Room
Location 4F Matsudo Bldg. 1307-1
Matsudo (a 5 minute walk from West Exit of Matsudo station)
Primary Primary WEEKLY J Pre-intermediate Conversation Class Kanji




Original material Material will be sold at the classroom
スリーエーネットワーク (3A Corporation)  凡人社 (Bonjinsha) スリーエーネットワーク (3A Corporation)
You are required to obtain your own textbooks.

→ MIEA Japanese Language Class Volunteers

5th Floor, Keiyo Gas F 2nd Bldg, 7-8, Konemoto, Matsudo City, Chiba Prefecture 271-0073, JAPAN
TEL: 047-366-7310(dial in)
FAX: 047-308-6789

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